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Barbara – ensk útgáva/English edition

Barbara, originally written in Danish, was the only novel by the Faroese author Jørgen-Franz Jacobsen (1900 – 1938), and yet it quickly achieved international best-seller status and is still one of the best-loved twentieth century classics in Danish and Faroese literature. On the face of it, Barbara is a straightforward historical novel in the mode of many a so-called ‘romance’. It contains a story of passion in an exotic setting with overtones of semi-piracy; there is a powerful erotic element, an outsider who breaks up a marriage, and a built-in inevitability resulting from Barbara’s own psychological make-up.

She stands as one of the most complex female characters in modern Scandinavian literature: beautiful, passionate, innocent, devoted, amoral and uncomprehending of her own tragedy. Jorgen-Franz Jacobsen portrays her with a fascinated devotion.

Norvik Press 2014, 5 revised edition, 306 pages

Translation by George Johnston

Meira kunning

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