She Is Haunting

She Is Haunting

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kr. 105,00

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Jade Nguyen has always lied to fit in. She’s straight enough, Vietnamese enough, American enough – at least for this summer with her estranged father in Vietnam.

Just five weeks of ignoring the quietly decaying French colonial house he’s fixing up, then college and freedom are hers. But soon Jade begins waking up every morning certain that something has clawed down her throat … from the inside.

Then the ghost of a beautiful bride visits her with a cryptic warning: DON’T EAT. When her father and little sister don’t believe her, Jade decides to scare them into leaving by staging some haunting events of her own. She recruits Florence, the daughter of her dad’s business associate (and more of a distraction than Jade bargained for) to help.

But the house has other plans. It’s hungry. A home, after all, is only as powerful as those who breathe new life into its bones.

And this one is determined never to be abandoned again …

Paperback, 2023
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