Faroese Business Law

Forlag: Dania Law Firm
Útgávuár: 1998
Prísur: 375.00
ISBN: 87-987134-1-8
Rithøvundi: Jóhannes Hansen
Evni: Landbúnaður, ídnaður og handil
Ikki innbundin
Støða: Útseld
Síðutal: 216

Faroese Business Law is the only existing textbook on Fariese kaw. It provides an introduction to and an overview of those areas of Faroese law theat are relevant to business and commerce. Our aim is both to give our readers anintroduction to the general principles of Faroese law, and to inform them about specialareas og legislation of interest tocomoanies, public bodies and other organisations dealing with the Faroe Islands.