The angry writing and other stories

Forlag: Náttsólin
Útgávuár: 2013
Prísur: 120.00
ISBN: 978-99918-861-1-4
Rithøvundi: Hanus Kamban
Umsett: Marita Thomsen
Evni: Bøkur til ferðafólk
Ikki innbundin
Støða: Á goymslu
Síðutal: 114

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Um bókina
Deep in the Black Forest a hard-working North German mayor meets three divine, but rather unsetting messangers. In her dark cellar the stylish Miss Evelyn keeps distinguished company, but finds it difficult to get rid of her own appalling stigma. A poet and philosopher dreaming of a new race of superhumans is confronted by the "angry writing" of Europ's traumatic history. In a city ruled by the ruthless Queen of Cleanliness, a foul-smelling trap is on the lookout for redemption. And then there is the exquisite "Saxifraga Nivalis", about a boy on the threshold of puberty, who comes across a lady of subtle, swanlike charm.

The Angry Wirting. Hanus Kamban's fifth volume of short stories, evokes a canvas of charaters hovering a existential crossroads. The book's motto, the Pauline 'seeing face to face', could be taken to allude to either mantal alienation or true insight. On a metaphysical level, the volume's main protagonists are The Angel and The Shadow.
Partly rooted in the writer's native Atlatic archipelago, partly played out on the European continent or set in imaginary landscapes, there stories frighten, delight and carry multiple meanings.

Here Hanus Kamban depicts a world where incomprehensible and disturbing elements encroach on everyday phenomena, with threads reaching backwards and forwards in time. In this way, fundamental human traits and needs are revealed and the fantastic is fused with fairy tale characteristics. The persons portrayed sometimes seen all too human, but at the same time embody, in the Platonic sense, ideas about himanity and human relations. Kamban's consummate style unfolds in the borderlands of reality and the marvellous. At the same time, his texts convey a trenchant and outspoken social criticism.

Bergur Djurhuus Hansen
Member of the Nordic Council
Literary Prize Committee

Stories of legend, magic and myth, in tradition of Poe, Blixen and Borges.